Congrats, you are now at Word Craze Level 2664 , and that means you come across some difficulties. Maybe you failed to find FOSSILFUEL or BOUNDARIES or another word. In fact, this level have much more words to be found.
Coming from the Master Topic ( Word Craze Answers ) through the set of intermediate levels ( 2601 to 2700) where this topic is located. You’re not going to get a “just about” or a wrong answer ! Because I’m going to give you The Correct Answers.

Play your level and when you feel stuck, just comeback here and catch the missing word. Because we care much about your progress, this is what you need for Level 2664, the requested words are :

  • Hydrocarbon formed from the remains of dead animals and plants : FOSSILFUEL
  • Zebra or tiger with no lines is this : STRIPELESS
  • Dextrose found in wine fruits : GRAPESUGAR
  • Travels by asking for free rides along the way : HITCHHIKES
  • Punching in the wrong phone number : MISDIALLING
  • Cuts off the internet : DISCONNECTS
  • Discussed a deal again : RENEGOTIATED
  • Where people agree to link up : MEETINGPLACE
  • Makes case files private again : RECLASSIFIES
  • Like personification : HUMANIZATION
  • Scheme to outwit an opponent : STRATAGEM
  • Does a better job at shaming and deceiving : OUTBLUFFS
  • Thirst that can’t be satisfied with a drink is this : UNQUENCHABLE
  • To keep a grip on things : HOLDTIGHT
  • State dividers : BOUNDARIES

We do recognise that cheating is not all fun but we know that there a big load of words that word games players can miss. And it requires often a kind of incredibly deep concentration and gripping crosswords experience to have them come to mind quick.


Word Craze Level 2664 Answers

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