Game Name: Seven Islands
Developer: Justin Thomas
Release Date: 6/04/17
Platforms: App Store (iPhone® & iPad®)


Music & Sound: Nimbus Deloud
Art: Julie Martins & Bruna Ribeiro

About LionStar Studios

LionStar Studios is a new studio created by Justin Thomas with the goal of creating games that spread a positive message. Seven Islands is the first game created and it is the result of combining a fun strategy/action game with many religious/positive undertones. 


In Seven Islands you will embark on a physical and metaphorical journey to lead the Prince of the Kingdom to save his captured mother. To reach his mother Ace must travel across the legendary Seven Islands. Each Island represents one of the seven cardinal sins, and has unique obstacles and challenges.

The journey will challenge your reaction and strategic decision making, and will have you constantly guessing what path to take. The first game of it’s kind that is not just challenging, but is crafted with the intention of self improvement.

- 7 Islands, 7 sins, 1 mission - to travel to each Island and eventually save your mother and brother

- Each Island represents one of the 7 deadly sins and while trying to reach the end of the level you must keep the lesson of that Sin in your mind

- 7 characters that can be unlocked

- Hybrid strategy and action game which will push you to your gaming limits

- Free to play with In-App Purchases for boosts




Ace - Main Character
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Sloth Island
Wrath Island
Gluttony Island
Envy Island
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